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QUAD-C Premium Package

QUAD-C Premium Package

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The Premium Package includes all of Nic’s Common App essays to Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, University of Chicago, Yale, Northwestern, NYU, UC Berkeley, USC, and Vanderbilt.

Quad C is an all-inclusive, everything-you-need-to-know, unfiltered, no B.S. guide to college applications. Written completely by students, for students, Crash Course College Coaching walks you through every step of the application process, all the way from freshmen year, picking a college list, writing the application, and up until your first year of college. We've also included specialty tracks for those interested in pre-med, double majoring, and sororities/fraternities written by students who have had first-hand experience in each of these fields. Additionally, I've included my resume as well as a breakdown of my Common Application essay where I go into detail of exactly how and why I wrote each paragraph and how it can be applicable to you. On top of that, I've compiled profiles from six of my friends that include our GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, and achievements who were accepted to a range of schools such as Rice, Northwestern, NYU, UT Austin, and the University of Oklahoma.

Quad-C is over 180 pages long and covers just about every aspect of the application process. Since it's been written by students who have literally just been through the process, we offer unique perspectives that are much more relatable than any other college consulting book, making it a one of a kind product.

We strongly emphasize that these are specifically meant for educational purposes and can not be held responsible for any liability issues.

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